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Tradies – Get paid for the work you do, and don’t get stuck doing more!

  • April 19, 2018

Believe it or not, we wish our clients did not have to get our help when it all goes wrong. It is incredibly costly to argue, and never more so when we have to argue about an agreement that did not really cover everything it needed to or was a handshake (or a bit of both).

We would much prefer to help our clients get it right from the beginning. It saves our clients both money and stress.

Lately, we have seen a spike in tradies who are having:

  • Issues getting paid; OR
  • Issues getting paid for extras; OR
  • Have customers insisting they do expensive (time and material) work due to a vague scope of works.

All business needs clear terms of trade or terms and conditions and a really strong process for determining who they agree to do work for and how they make sure they get paid.

We can prepare simple, easy to read terms and conditions for tradies that are cost effective and really simple to use. We tailor our agreements to your specific business – even your way of doing business. We give you support in how to complete the agreements with your clients (with only a couple of pieces to fill in), and guidance on checks and processes available to you to make sure you are dealing with people who are most likely to pay.

Even with strong agreements, sometimes people don’t pay. There is always a commercial reality when you are having trouble getting paid – but if you need to ‘go legal’ a good agreement helps: keep the costs down; ensure the wiggle room for argument is less, and give you rights to claim your costs of taking that action. Our agreements also provide you with some options for security against peoples assets and property if they don’t pay you.

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Megan Grainger

Megan heads the Keystone Lawyers business services division as senior associate. Her passion is working with people to solve problems. She has worked across a diverse range of commercial matters including purchase and sale of business, company and trust structuring, estate planning and estate administration, complex property matters as well as insolvency. Her clients have included individuals, small to medium businesses, community based not for profits, registered clubs, local government and regionally based state corporations. This breadth of experience has culminated in Megan’s competency across commercial matters.