Hunter Lawyer, Lou Stojanovski appointed NSW Supreme Court Independent Solicitor

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Hunter Headline | 13 February 2020

Hunter solicitor, Lou Stojanovski of Keystone Lawyers has been appointed as an Independent Solicitor by the Supreme Court of NSW.

Lou said he was honoured to be appointed and believes he is the only Hunter-based NSW Supreme Court Independent Solicitor, and one of only two such solicitors outside metropolitan Sydney.

As part of this role, Lou is to independently serve and supervise search orders that are made by other law firms, for the Court.

He reports back to the Court on whether the searches were carried out in accordance with the Court’s wishes and details what has been seized from a person’s home, place of work or other locations.

“Search orders are like a search warrant, but in a civil law sense, rather than a criminal law sense,” Lou said.

Search orders (also known as Anton Piller orders) are ex parte orders that a superior court, such as the Supreme Court of NSW, made to preserve important evidence which is in danger of destruction, concealment or removal from the jurisdiction.

The Court orders the respondent to permit the applicant’s representatives and the Independent Solicitor to enter, search, copy documents and remove property from the respondent’s premises for safekeeping.

Lou said common examples of search orders is when an organisation suspects say an employee is stealing, or has stolen, IP from their employer or has breached confidence.

“Search orders are a powerful tool that lawyers, including my firm, use to protect client IP.”

These orders are an extraordinary remedy because they are intrusive orders that take the respondent by surprise. The Independent Solicitor is an important safeguard against their abuse.

Only experienced commercial litigation lawyers are approached for the role. This appointment is another string of the long-time commercial and construction lawyer and founder of the Hunter based firm, Keystone Lawyers.

Lou said to be awarded this role is a real career highlight for him.

“I am very honoured to be trusted with this role,” he said.

Lou is also a NSW Law Society Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation, is admitted to the High Court of Australia and is also an adjudicator under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act.

As well as a Newcastle office, Keystone now has a Sydney office located close to the Supreme Court of NSW.

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