Who we are

Our story, evolution and outlook

What’s our story?

Keystone was born in 2010, but our team of legal specialists have been working in construction and business law for over 25 years. This expertise, combined with our caring yet no-nonsense approach, is what helps us attract clients – and keep them.

When we first started out, our focus was on helping construction clients in litigation and debt recovery matters. Since then, we’ve evolved in line with need. Today, we partner with select clients as specialist legal advisors, in addition to acting as litigators. Our expertise covers Construction, Business law, finances and estates, Property and leasing, Technology and Government.

Importantly, we’re not just a group of law professionals. We see ourselves as a family of fast-acting legal experts committed to shared goals. Our director Lou sits at the helm of our legal and business strategy, offering confident advice and always making our clients a priority.

Our people

Fast-acting legal specialists

Lou Stojanovski, Director / Lawyer, Adjudicator WA, NSW and VIC

Lou Stojanovski

Director | Lawyer
Sydney / Newcastle

Our leader and legal authority

Bryce Richards, Executive Lawyer, Adjudicator WA and NSW

Bryce Richards

Executive Lawyer

Our calm, focused resolutionist

Min Hur

Managing Lawyer
Sydney CBD

Our analytical business lawyer

Our why

Your success is our success

Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen clients who started small grow into large successful businesses – a growth we’ve played a part in. Watching our clients achieve this type of commercial success is what drives us. When we help you surpass a goal, achieve growth or avoid a substantial risk or liability, we know we’ve done our job.

Our how

If it’s important to our client,
it’s important to us

The reason we’ve been able to help our clients grow is the way in which we approach our relationships with them. We’re not just here to resolve issues as they occur. We take the time to really get to know you in the beginning – and are selective about who we work with.

By learning about your business, motivators, goals and risk appetite, we’re able to hone our focus on what matters and ensure you have the best legal structure in place. We then act as partners, sharing knowledge and solving problems to smooth your journey to success.

It’s important that you don’t just see us as legal consultants; treat us as your trusted partner in business. Because of our flat hierarchy, if you want to speak to Lou or one of our other lawyers, you can call them directly – we’re available as and when you need us.

Our way

Astute advice, with a caring,
no-nonsense approach

We back ourselves

We’re not here to give you maybe, could be advice. We make confident recommendations that are tailored to your goals – and we’re not afraid to back ourselves.

We see new solutions

We have a passion for problem-solving. Rather than opting for the obvious, our expertise allows us to explore other options to find the best possible legal solution.

We communicate

Our clients never have to ask about the progress of any legal matter. We’re in constant communication to keep you updated – and our whole team is informed.

We stay at the front

We consider ourselves innovators in law and business. We‘re continually striving, evolving and adopting new technologies and strategies to deliver even better service.

We get you there

Whatever your commercial goals, we’ll do everything in our power to get the results you want, fast. We also strive to never be the ones holding up a matter.

Recognition & awards

We strive to be the best at what we do

Over the past decade, we’ve received several business and industry accolades for our contribution to construction and commercial law.

It’s a good feeling to win a business or industry award and gain recognition, but that’s not what we’re here for. What’s important to us is that we get on with our work and do it well, that’s when the rewards come. Our greatest achievement is helping clients succeed and building relationships of mutual trust and respect that continue year after year.