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Property and leasing can be a profitable game. But whether you’re buying, selling, subdividing or leasing, it’s important to consider the risks and fully understand your rights and obligations. Our property lawyers have the specialist residential and commercial property law expertise to deliver tailored advice, help you assess options and scenarios and manage the complex legalities involved.

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Work we engage in

Our specialist property lawyers can advise and support you through a broad range of residential or commercial property matters, from commercial leasing to transfer of property. This includes drafting contracts, negotiation, compliance and other legal services.

Purchase & sale of real property

Contracts | Title/property searches | Negotiation | Finance | Settlement

Lot subdivisions or consolidations

Consultation | Negotiation | Compliance | Drafting | Disputes

Commercial & retail leasing

Transfer/assignment of leases | Amendments of leases |Subleases

Air space & land

Licensing | Access agreements


Right of way | Services | Light and Air | Support | Conservation

Strata schemes

Advice | Drafting by-laws | Disputes

Transfer of estate property

To executors | To beneficiaries

Transfer of real property (between
related parties)

Contracts | Negotiations | Finance | Settlements | Title Transfer

Ownership structure advice

Multiple tenancies | Trust structures

Trust & SMSF purchase

Advice | Drafting documents

Land tax & stamp duty

Advice | Interstate transactions

Who we work with

Private property developers | Local and state government-owned departments (residential and commercial projects)

Case study

Navigating the real estate lifecycle

A client wanted legal assistance in purchasing vacant land, subdividing it, constructing new residential properties, and marketing them for sale under off-the-plan contracts.

Actions taken

  • Provided legal advice through the process
  • Managed the purchase of vacant land
  • Subdivided the purchased land
  • Facilitated the sale of new residential properties under off-the-plan contracts

The outcome

Seamless purchase, build and sale process ending in completion.

Our property lawyers

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Lou Stojanovski, Director / Lawyer, Adjudicator WA, NSW and VIC

Lou Stojanovski

Director | Lawyer
Sydney / Newcastle

Our leader and legal authority

Min Hur

Managing Lawyer
Sydney CBD

Our analytical business lawyer

Stella Park

Senior Lawyer
Sydney CBD

Our legal matter demystifier

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