Lou Stojanovski

Director | Lawyer

Sydney / Newcastle

Lou Stojanovski, Director / Lawyer, Adjudicator WA, NSW and VIC

Lou is our driving force and the face of Keystone. With 22 years of experience across the construction, commercial and property and development industries, he uses his knowledge and insights to help clients realise their business visions and goals.

With family in the business, Lou’s passion for construction started from a young age. After completing a construction management degree and working in the industry for a few years, he moved into law, completed a law degree and became a commercial lawyer.

“Lou’s passion for construction started from a young age.”

Lou spent 10 years at a national firm working on construction and litigation projects. He then moved to a publicly-listed Danish mining services company where he was responsible for acquisitions and negotiating construction contracts across the Pacific before starting Keystone.

In addition to leading the team, Lou spends a large portion of his time out and about in the community, meeting clients and presenting at industry events. He sits on the Master Builders Association Hunter Committee, is an adjudicator in NSW and Victoria and is also the NSW Supreme Court Independent Solicitor.

“Clients to Lou aren’t just clients.”

Clients to Lou aren’t just clients; they’re partners to whom he delivers practical legal solutions in order to drive their success. He builds strong personal relationships with people from the start and takes the time to get to know them and their business.

Motivated by problem-solving, Lou describes himself as energetic, passionate, honest, loyal and focused. He spends his free time outdoors and keeping fit.


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