Invitation to connect with Newcastle Property Developers and their Selling Agents


Our Property Team at Keystone Lawyers offers a thorough and professional service to Developers involving residential, commercial, strata and community title, subdivisions and vacant land.

In acting for developers selling off the plan we work with the client and their project consultants to ensure a precise master contract is developed, incorporating conditions tailored specifically to the project. Keystone Lawyers stay abreast of legislative changes, and ensure Contracts protect the Vendor’s interest.

We handle the issuing of Contracts to Purchasers upon selling off-the-plan, ensuring that sales are secured with an exchange of Contracts without delay, all the while maintaining a constant connection with the Agent.

We monitor deposits invested, Bank Guarantees or Deposit Bonds to ensure their currency through to completion.

Our role includes liaising with lenders throughout the process, ensuring that all requirements are met.

We assist in acquiring all the necessary sign-offs required at completion of the construction, as the development approaches the registration stages.

Once the Plan is registered by Department of Lands, we co-ordinate settlement with all purchasers in a timely manner, and in an efficient and systemised practice.

Having experience in working for Developers across strata complexes both large and small, vacant land, community title, and a large, staged over 55’s subdivision, Keystone can provide developers with a personable service resulting in success and a firm business trust.

When acting for Purchasers of Development properties we thoroughly investigate the Contract, taking into consideration the whole development. We provide advice on every facet of the process of purchasing off-the-plan, outlining any stipulations and restrictions placed on the purchasers, the intended management of the development and how strata and community schemes work, defect inspections, stamp duty requirements and advice on investors interests with regard to depreciation.

We ensure our buyers are aware of the sunset clause and any extensions allowable to the Vendor, and highlight the Schedule of inclusions and finishes so that our clients may make informed selections. We assist in our purchasing client’s applications for New Home Grants and any other rebates or incentives offered. Discussions are held about the right time to apply for finance, including advice on re-application with Lenders and Brokers as construction progresses and completion approaches.

Procuring sound legal advice is a small price to pay for a purchase that is not tangible at the time of making the commitment to buy. We appreciate the opportunity to help Purchasers buying a property off the plan to feel confident and informed as they secure their investment.