Keystone welcomes PEXA


The property team at Keystone Lawyers are active PEXA members.

This new, innovative system of electronic Conveyancing is a fantastic tool for Lawyers and Conveyancing Practitioners to keep abreast of our fast and ever-changing world in technology and offers greater convenience for our clients in their property transactions.

What is PEXA?

PEXA – or Property Exchange Australia, is an online settlement platform created for Property Lawyers, Conveyancers and Banks to settle your property transactions electronically, without the parties having to meet in person to effect settlement.

Why use PEXA?

The PEXA system conveniently offers the following benefits for our clients:

  1. Settlement being on time and with greater certainty;
  2. Reducing additional costs by settlements being delayed or re-arranged;
  3. Funds are transferred electronically as part of settlement and are typically available within hours following settlement;
  4. Lodgement of documents following settlement for the Land and Property Information are lodged in real time, meaning lodgement is in minutes, rather than the days or weeks following settlement;
  5. Bank cheques are no longer required.

As you can see from the above, the overall process available to us is efficient and reliable.

Over the past year our clients have been very happy to have used PEXA as it is a reliable tool and a comfortable fit with today’s society with the immediacy and technology expected in many aspects of life.

PEXA is online and completely paper free. This means that all signatures are dealt with by your Licensed Conveyancer or Solicitor in an electronic form, once authorised by you.

You can learn more about PEXA at