NSW moves towards 100% electronic Conveyancing

Commercial, Property

From 11 October 2021, all NSW certificates of title will be cancelled and converted to electronic titles. A ‘control of the right to deal’ (CoRD) framework will pave the way for 100% of Real Property Act dealings (except for determination of title boundaries) to be lodged electronically through an Electronic Lodgement Network Operator (‘ELNO’) by a registered subscriber.

Practically speaking, after 11 October 2021 NSW Land Registry Services will no longer accept manual lodgement of land title dealings or documents and a hard copy Certificate of Title will have no use or effect. Instead, you will need to find a registered subscriber to transact real property lodgements with NSW Land Registry Services on your behalf via an ELNO.

Keystone has already transacted hundreds of NSW LRS title dealings through an ELNO and can help clients easily conduct their property matters confidently under the new electronic land titles regime.